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This forum is built for a simple reason, to sit back and think about where future gaming series should be going, what they should be about, etc. hence the name, To Be Continued...
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 The Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: The Rules and Guidelines   Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:02 pm

The system for what happens when you break a rule (unless otherwise stated on the rule) is:

Warning -(if it persists)> Permanent Ban -> Permanent ban -(If you try to make more accounts)> IP Ban.

Ok. Here are the rules (keeping it simple):

1. WeIrD cApItAlS. NEVER! It hurts the eyes!

2. Double posting. There is an edit button. USE IT! We're a little more lenient than rule 1, but don't get cocky about it.

3. Swearing. There are auto-sensors for curse words, so don't try it.

4. Emocons. DON'T ABUSE THEM. It's fun to use every so often, but not Like a Star @ heaven every Twisted Evil other Sad character Shocked...

5. Flaming and trolling. ...No. Don't. Auto-ban (temporary, then perma-ban)

6. Have fun. That's what the forum was made for! Smile
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The Rules and Guidelines
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